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In 1994 when the Gender Audit was made at UDSM, the situation on gender relations and ensuing effects on women was gloomy. However, with the concerted efforts made by both the UDSM Administration and the UDSM Gender Centre, both the policy environment and the institutional frameworks are to a large extent engendered.

The accessing of gender friendly atmosphere/environment coupled by a large group of Gender Sensitive students and staff through the gender mainstreaming process has contributed largely to the creation of a gender sensitive community at UDSM. Some of the achievements include:


Establishment of a Gender Centre

The UDSM Gender Centre, as well as the availability of related plans such as the gender advocacy, strategies and action plans are aimed at facilitating a clear allocation of responsibilities, to the various University Management levels and give time frames for the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the various processes and interventions.


Instituting and adoption of Affirmative Action

Increase in the women student enrollments and retention at UDSM is now gaining momentum. A rise in the sciences is very visible, particularly in engineering; a rise from 7% in 2004 to 28% in 2007/8.






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