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University of Dar es Salaam was established since 1966. It is now undergoing Institutional Transformation processes and gender is part of these ongoing restructuring processes. Gender mainstreaming at UDSM is implemented as an integral policy strategy for promoting equal opportunities.


It aims at mobilizing all general policy programs and practices to support the purposes of gender equality and equity. The strategy does not restrict itself to specific measures to promote the advancement of women but pursues a situation in which all structures, values, programs, policy strategies and core functions in our institute are to be organized in such a way that they equally serve the needs and interests of both women and men at UDSM and beyond.


It is a process, with an ultimate aim of establishing a culture in which students and staff feels comfortable and respected, irrespective of sex, while individual talents have the room to develop in the directions that suit them best. Gender mainstreaming" approach was adopted and it also enforce the need for specific policies, programs or projects on gender equality and equity implemented.


At UDSM the level of intervention (from basic "gender sensitivity" to comprehensive, targeted gender programs) depended on the specific needs and priorities revealed by a gender-sensitive situation assessment.


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